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New Cloudera installation: Hue - Bad Request (400)

Re: New Cloudera installation: Hue - Bad Request (400)

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I posted this somewhere else earlier and I think it will help answer your question:


Workaround to revert to pre-CDH 5.10 behavior:

  • Edit Hue Service Advanced Configuration Snippet (Safety Valve) for hue_safety_valve.ini
  • add allowed_hosts in the [desktop] section like so:
  • Restart Hue

NOTE: The goal in changing the default to something more restrictive was to improve security. Now that we are aware of the security measure, if desired, restriction can be added via a comma-separated list of hosts and IPs like this:


See the following on how to configure if you choose that route:


To round out the above explanation, before CDH 5.10, "allowed_hosts=*" was the default.  We tried changing the default to help promote security as outlined in the above Django page.


Since our change to allowed_hosts to help enhance security had unanticipated negative experiences for existing users, we are reverting the CDH default to "allowed_hosts=*".  We'll opt to document it better and also build in validation warnings in Cloudera Manager to strongly recommend not leaving "allowed_hosts=*" unless that is the desired configuration.


The security risk is described in the django documentation (see the link above).



Re: New Cloudera installation: Hue - Bad Request (400)




So to clarify my assumptions and (mis)understandings:


The allowed_hosts setting is not checking the HTTP client's DNS domain.  It is the Hue webserver framework (ie Django) checking the HTTP Host: header that the client sends.


In my case of AWS VPC with default public subnet configuration, my web browser thinks I am talking to and sends that as the Host: header.  The Hue server sees that, expecting something more like ip-10-1-2-3.ec2.internal, and replies with the "Bad Request (400)" to the client.



Re: New Cloudera installation: Hue - Bad Request (400)


Hey Ben, 


Many many thanks!! We had the same error [400] with CM 5.9 with embedded PostGRESql db

I confirm that this has resolved our issue. 


A gist of out setup: 

Platform: AWS, 4 x t2.medium, 50GiB EBS

OS: CentOS 6 with updates HVM


Thanks again!!

Re: New Cloudera installation: Hue - Bad Request (400)

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Got the same problem on Ubuntu 14.04. CDH 5.10. 

5.9 works fine. 

So this problem should be easily reproduced. 

Re: New Cloudera installation: Hue - Bad Request (400)

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I am receiving the same error message on one of our installationas as well.

Running version:


Re: New Cloudera installation: Hue - Bad Request (400)

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same problem here

i am getting " server not found " when i open hue web UI, and i tried to access with the external ip address:8888, i am getting "Bad Request(400) ".


i have been trying to debug the error but no use

have you solved your error ? if yes can you share the solution that helps alot

Thank you

Re: New Cloudera installation: Hue - Bad Request (400)

Cloudera Employee

The answer is one post above....

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