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NiFi 1.3: How to write a JDBC inherit record schema to a Confuent Schema registry

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I am retrieving a csv content from a JDBC connection using ExecuteSQLRecord processor and I would like to add to the attribute the schema information id.

I can easily set an attribute with the avro schema definition of the query but I would like that NiFi wrote the schema to the Confluent Registry, retrieved the schema Id and add it to the flow attribute.


To achieve this is I set the following properties in the ExecuteSQLRecord:

Database Connection Pooling Service


SQL Pre-Query

No value set

SQL select query


SQL Post-Query

No value set

Max Wait Time

0 seconds

Record Writer


Normalize Table/Column Names


Use Avro Logical Types


Max Rows Per Flow File


Output Batch Size


Fetch Size



In the CSVRecordSetWriter I have the following settings:

Schema Write StrategyConfluent Schema Registry Reference
Schema CacheNo value set
Schema Access StrategyInherit Record Schema
Schema RegistryConfluentSchemaRegistry
Schema Name\${}
Schema Version 
Schema Branch 
Schema Text\${avro.schema}


And in the ConfluentSchemaRegistry I have:

Schema Registry URLshttp://host.docker.internal:8081
SSL Context ServiceNo value set
Communications Timeout30 secs
Cache Size1000
Cache Expiration1 hour


But, when I try to run it I get the following error:

org.apache.nifi.schema.access.SchemaNotFoundException: Cannot write Confluent Schema registry reference because the schema identifier is not known.


So I have two questions:

  1. Is it possible (in an easy way) in NiFi to write a new Schema to Confluent Schema registry?
  2.  Can I write a new schema using the Inherit Record Schema strategy and retrieve a schema ID?


Thanks in advance,




Hi @Alex454 


While we welcome your question and a member of the Cloudera Community might well be able to answer it, I believe you would be much more likely to obtain a timely solution if you posted it to the Confluent Community.



Bill Brooks, Community Moderator
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