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NiFi 1.7 Metrics "No Data Available for the time period"


Hi Guys

I need help. I have a 3 Node HDF 3.2 Cluster with NiFi 1.7 in the masternode.

I have Metrics Monitor on each node and Metrics Collector in worker 2.

I am able to see metrics on other services such as storm, kafka even host metrics, my problem is that I cannot see NiFi metrics, it keeps showing that No Data Available for the time period. I feel like i'm missing something small here.

I came across this article suggesting that i set up and configure the reporting task. I foillowed the instructions, went on NiFi ui/menu/controllersettings/reportingtaskcontrollerservices and clicked on the plus to add and configure a reporting task. What i found was that the only processor/task close to a reporting task is GraphiteMetricReporterService it doesnt look like what I need, but i configured and enabled it anyway but no changes to NiFi metrics.




Did i miss something?


New Contributor

Did you deploy NIFI1.7 by using Ambari?

I met a problem like you,I did as this artical suggested( ),everything was going well ,but FINALLY,I couldn't see NIFI in Ambari's Services.

I guess it's because I didn't use Ambari to deploy NIFI.

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