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NiFi DBCPConnectionPool supporting kerberos (or AD credentials)


I'm trying to connect to MSSQL Server using the ExecuteSQL processor and a DBCPConnectionPool service.

I'm constrained (or rather, strongly encouraged), to use domain credentials, preferably with kerberos to authenticate to the SQL Server. Reading the docs for DBCPConnectionPool it doesn't seem like this is possible?

Is there any workaround's to achieve this?


New Contributor


I've just set up working example of ExecuteSQL processor and DBCPConnectionPool service with Kerberos auth connecting to MSSQL Server.
I used mssql-jdbc-6.2.2.jre8 driver which allows specifying the principal and the password in jdbc url:


'Database User', 'Password' properties with no values in DBCPConnectionPool service.

New Contributor
@Tomasz Uliński

Thanks for this pointer. I had to do few more things regarding Kerberos settings - adding jaas.conf and krb5.ini. Wrote an article

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