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NiFi ExecuteScript - Importing Jars (specifically Avro)?

New Contributor

I'm currently evaluating NiFi for a project where we're likely to use lots of CSVs for a while (until they're phased out). The standard answer of ReplaceText, etc. isn't really suitable as I'll need to deal with optionally quoted fields, etc.

I've setup a simple test flow which is ExecuteSQL (to pull data direct from SQL) -> SplitAvro (to split the data up) -> UpdateAttribute (update filename) -> ConvertAvroToJson -> ExecuteScript (to convert JSON to the required CSV format using the CSV module in ruby) -> PutFile

Since there may be a fair few of these which are subtly different I was hoping to combine the ConvertAvroToJson and ExecuteScript into 1 ExecuteScript that reads the Avro and converts it straight into my required format. I also wanted to use it as an excuse to see how to pull in additional dependencies for an ExecuteScript.

What I'm unclear on is how to properly import the Avro jar's. I originally assumed since they were included in NiFi's Avro processors I could just

require 'java'

// blah blah

but I've been getting java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class org.apache.avro.generic.GenericData, no matter what I try (I've tried pointing the ExecuteScript at a directory of jars, assuming I could use the built-in ones in the avro processors, etc.)

Any pointers would be really appreciated.