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NiFi Expression - Multiple AND - AND Conditions

NiFi Expression - Multiple AND - AND Conditions

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I am using RouteONAttribute Processor and i defined a property and its value contains multiple AND conditions like the following:

Property Name: ROUTE1

Property Value:


The Issue i am facing is that after generating a flow file with attributes text.tag.type = XXX and txt = AAA,BBB it always route to unmatched while it should route to ROUTE1

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Re: NiFi Expression - Multiple AND - AND Conditions

Master Guru
@yazeed salem

Your NiFi expression Language statement looks good. I even tested base on your example and it routed my flowfiles correctly


Make sure that each of the FlowFiles being processed have required FlowFile Attributes set on them.
You can stop your RouteOnAttribute processor and allow a few files to queue in the connection feeding it.
Then right click on connection and select "List queue". You can then click on "details" icon to far left of any FlowFIle to verify that it does have correct attributes set on it.




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