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NiFi - Handling flow control - dependent flows

NiFi - Handling flow control - dependent flows

Expert Contributor

Hi, I have a question concerning flow control.


Flow 1 - synchronizes from system A -> to system B

Flow 2 - synchronizes from system B -> to system A

Until now flow 1 and 2 originally run separate from each other.

Now the requirement is:

Flow 2 has to run first and only when it is finished flow 1 may be started.


There is no event, flowfile or something like this that showes me when flow 2 is ready.

Even the case that flow 2 doesn't find data to process is possible. So I don't have a clear endpoint for triggering flow 1.


Is there a way to check with rest-api whether there are still flowfiles in (success-)connections of flow 2?

Or something like that?

Additionally I have to consider as well on start of flow 2 as on start of flow 1 that they are not allowed to be started again if one of them is still running.

I hope I was able to make my problem clear and thanks for any help!