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NiFi -- Help


Can anyone help in solving the following error

I am trying to import data from mysql to hive



Re: NiFi -- Help

Super Guru

Can you share your configuration of QueryDatabaseTable and its DBCP Controller Service? Also you should be able to find more information about those bulletins/errors in logs/nifi-app.log, please paste in the relevant stack trace as it will help determine the issue you're having.

Re: NiFi -- Help


Re: NiFi -- Help

Hey @Nikhil Vemula!
I'm not sure about your error, but are you able to connect to the mysql from your Nifi host?

telnet <mysql> port

And could you share your configs from querydatabse processor and see if there's more detail on nifi's log.
PS: Did you set any DBCPConnectionPool at the controller service?

Hope this helps!