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NiFi Hortonworks 2.3.2 installation ?

NiFi Hortonworks 2.3.2 installation ?

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Do you have any idea about Apache NiFi Installtion on Ambari? Thank you so much for your help in anticipation yet I have few ques: I want to deploy NiFi in Hortonworks environment and I am following the links: : Following Installation steps ( integrating it with Ambari ) ( how to go ahead with this: # edit nifi-deploy.yml and point nifi.url to your NiFi instance or cluster groovy NiFiDeploy.groovy as I can google its a script engine) but yet I am unable to install it properly. Also, I am unable to install NiFi in Hortonworks 2.3.2 environment.Currently, I tried tutorial but have not yet started with its services.Also since its half way installed so I dont know how to remove its services first & start with new installationin hortonworks environment.Please help asap. and I have addressed my query here as per your suggestion but I didnt get any reply for the same. Please guide me further and also provide me your email id so that I can contact you in future if the problem persists. Regards


Re: NiFi Hortonworks 2.3.2 installation ?

Hi, it would definitely help to focus on 1 problem at once. Feel free to open separate threads for other issues. Are you trying to install NiFi into an HDP Sandbox? Might run into networking issues, depending on which hypervisor you're using (nothing to do with NiFi, really, just a VM net config). NiFi is trivial to get up and running quickly, just unzip and do ' start'. Let's keep it simple for now.

Next, if you're running into issues with the deployment script, can you start a new thread and post details of what you're doing and errors you're getting, please?