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NiFi InvokeHTTP Post Fails Silently


NiFi InvokeHTTP Post Fails Silently

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I am new to NiFi and am trying to setup an InvokeHTTP processor to get a bearer token from an API. I can get the token using cURL on the same server as NiFi is installed on but I cannot get it to work in NiFi.


To simplify the testing I am just trying to get a response from the API. If I run on a web browser I get the following response:


Running the processor does not give any response and no errors or log entries (that I can find) beyond stating that the processor was started and stopped (located in nifi-app.log).


The logs I have found are:


I have set the InvokeHTTP processor to DEBUG and these are the properties:InvokeHTTPSettings.png


For the SSL Context Service I have tried the Java certificates located at:


I have also created a pkcs12 trustore using the Ubuntu CA certificates and also tried converting that pkcs12 file to a jks file as described by @michal_klempa in the following thread: 


I still get no error or response. These are the SSL Context Service properties:


SSL Context ServiceSSL Context Service

Thank you for you assistance,