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NiFi JDBC Connection Error using NetSuite Drivers


NiFi JDBC Connection Error using NetSuite Drivers

New Contributor

Hi all,


I'm getting an error when attempting to connect to NetSuite (SuiteAnalytics Connect service) via JDBC using the drivers they provide:

java.lang.AbstractMethodError: Method com/netsuite/jdbc/oabase/BaseConnection40.isValid(I)Z is abstract


I'm currently using the same drivers to connect successfully using DBeaver.

The connection URL, driver class, username and password set in the DBCPConnectionPool are all correct, since these have been set per the instructions NetSuite provides for using their drivers, and are also working successfully in DBeaver. Full details are at the bottom of the post.

Some googling suggests that a method is being called that doesn't exist, having been removed in a previous version of Java; in which case it could be a problem with NetSuite's drivers. I've already lodged a support ticket with them to look into the issue.

Does anyone know if there might be something I'm doing wrong with my configuration, or anything else? Or perhaps you have some advice for a workaround? Thanks in advance.




NiFi version: 1.9.2

Java version: JDK 9.0.4 (virtual machine)

Operating system: MacOS Mojave Version 10.14.6

NetSuite driver protocol: JDBC

NetSuite driver version: 7.20.50 (latest for OS as of posting)

Controller service: DBCPConnectionPool 1.9.2

    Connection URL: (can't disclose, but is correct)

    Driver class name: com.netsuite.jdbc.openaccess.OpenAccessDriver

    Driver location: ./lib/NQjc.jar

    Kerberos credentials service: No value set

    Database User: (can't disclose, but is correct)

    Password: (can't disclose, but is correct)
    Max wait time: 10 sec
    Max total connections: 8
    Validation query: No value set

    Minimum idle connections: 0
    Max idle connections: 8
    Max connection lifetime: -1
    Time between eviction runs: -1
    Minimum evictable idle time: 30 mins
    Soft minimum evictable idle Time: -1

Processor being used: ExecuteSQLRecord

    Database Connection Pooling Service: service as configured above

    SQL pre-query: no value set
    SQL select query: select * from [a schema.table that is definitely readable with these credentials] limit 1

    SQL post-query: no value set

    Max Wait Time: 0 seconds
    Record Writer: JsonRecordSetWriter (note: default config of record writer)
    Normalize Table/Column Names: false
    Use Avro Logical Types: false
    Max Rows Per Flow File: 0
    Output Batch Size: 0

Error message: java.lang.AbstractMethodError: Method com/netsuite/jdbc/oabase/BaseConnection40.isValid(I)Z is abstract