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NiFi ListenTCP 1.4.0 "Rejecting Connections from xx.xx.xx.xx : xxxx, because max connection has been met" timeout


Hi there,

I am using a ListenTCP to capture data coming from an Arduino on a TCP port over WiFi.

When there is a loss of comms over wifi for various reasons (loss of signal, power cut), the Arduino is programmed to attempt to connect back when connection is restored.

I am seeing at times the max connections warning as the arduino attemps to reconnect, and it is unable to regain data flow for a long time - it seems to be a random amount of time from a few minutes up to half an hour.

I have had a look at this article

which suggests that the Arduino side should close the connection, however during an abrupt connection loss, NiFi would not be able to detect a closure.

Does anybody know if there is a set timeout period on the max connections condition?

Is there a way to control how the max connection warning is triggered?

Thank you