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NiFi Multitenant Authorization user by user

New Contributor

Hi All,

1)When a tenant is getting created in nifi. A new process group will get created and users in that group will work or create their a new flow files.?

2)I have referred the following doc. to achieve Multi-tenancy (Thanks for Bryan Bende for explaining well ). Here when team 1 user work on flow file of their process group. If the flow file has increased up-to 1000 then how to identify this flow file is of particular of this user created USER.

3) Can a particular user or tenant should not be able to view any flow files created by them. Eg:- if a user in a tenant one created a profile it should be visible to users in tenant 2. When a user tries to create flow files he needs to have a blank page or workpage.

4) I have integrated with LDAP for authentication. But I am adding users manually. is the ldap sync available now. Or is there a API where we can add users pro grammatically?




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Hello all,

Here a very well explained in the the answer thanks to @Matt Clarke

but still #4 answer not got

Thanking you



Master Guru

@pramod s

As far as #4 goes, i believe what you are looking for is new in Apache NIFi 1.4 in the form of a new authorizer:


More info on this new authorizer can be found in the admin guide:

Search for "LdapUserGroupProvider" within that linked page.