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NiFi QueryDatabaseTable and Oracle process: unable to get timestamp literal


I am trying to incrementally ingest data from Oracle databases. In order to do that, I am using QueryDatabaseTable processor and then convert it to JSON using ConvertAvroToJSON processor. It pulls data successfully, however, when I examine JSON flowflies, I can see that timestamp and datetime columns hasn't been properly converted.

For example, when I am pulling data from a table that has column name updatedatetime_utc in a format of 22-MAR-17 AM, it is getting converted to something like:

 {"updatedatetime_utc": "oracle.sql.TIMESTAMP@4ac16a2a"}

What might the problem here?


New Contributor

Hi Yan

Are you able to resolve this issue, I am also facing the same issue.

New Contributor

I am able to resolve this by adding the following java argument to the bootstrap.conf available in nifi/conf directory


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