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NiFi REST API - FlowFile Count Monitoring - with HTTPS (how to pass token within flow execution)

New Contributor

I'm developing a NIFI flow with multiple sub-flows.  I need the ability to control the execution between sub-flows; i.e. FLOW C cant start until the last queue in FLOW B is empty, but it can't start until the last queue in FLOW A is empty....
The NIFI node is secured and interactions via web are authenticated using OpenId Connect SSO...
I've read some support forums that describe capturing and passing a token when using the INVOKEHTTP processor.  But these solutions employ external scripting, using CURL to perform token management.   But I'm not sure how to incorporate those steps in my flow and I'm looking for some help if it's out there 🙂
I'm trying to use the NIFI REST API, which provides methods that will allow me to monitor and control flow execution.  But when I attempt to make any such calls a NO RETRY response is returned and the invokehttp.response.body attribute value is: Unknown user with identity 'anonymous'. Contact the system administrator.
The solution described here:
Is the sort of thing I'm trying to accomplish.  However authentication is probably not a problem here because it's HTTP not HTTPS. (edited) 

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