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NiFi SSL problem

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I created keystore and truststore files from pfx file, did settings in as below;

I enabled https, disabled http etc. When I start nifi there is no error log in app.log and bootstrap.log, everything seems work but UI doesn't work.




Hi @Mustafa Kemal MAYUK

I used the NiFi toolkit to generate my, keystore and truststore files, but some things you might want to check with your install/config files can be found in the "NiFi Configuration" section of the following article:

Master Guru

@Mustafa Kemal MAYUK

Where did you get the client certificate you loaded in to your browser? Is that client cert trusted by the truststore.jks "my_truststore_file" you are using in your Nifi instance?


I am also not use to seeing port 9090 used for secure connections (9090 is the default http port used by HDF)

Verify that you have properly set the following keys:


Thank you,



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