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NiFi: State management for ScrollElasticsearchHttp processor

NiFi: State management for ScrollElasticsearchHttp processor

Rising Star

The above processor will stop execution once the finishedQuery is set to true. I have the following questions

1) This processor manages the state locally, so if we need to view the attribute value OR to clear it, what mechanism can be used? I understand we can use the controller service for the distributed cache when it is stored on the cluster?

2) Why does the processor have to stop execution when it completes the scrolling through all the pages for a given search result? What mechanism exists to start with a new search? I understand that the state (finishedQuery attribute) has to be cleared, but there is no documentation of how this can be achieved. Does this require a JIRA to be opened to have this documented so this processor can be utilized and adopted?

3) Is there a sample flow that utilizes this processor and how it submits new search after each search scroll completion?



Re: NiFi: State management for ScrollElasticsearchHttp processor

New Contributor

Hi, I have a same problem with nifi ScrollElasticSearchhttp processor. Did you solve the issue? Please tell me the way how to clear the state of the processor automatically. :)

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