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[NiFi] Where to store credentials to use in plain text?

[NiFi] Where to store credentials to use in plain text?


Hi, I just deployed a new NiFi instance, I want to have a good management of credentials, there are some that I can store in the Parameter Context, but there are others that have to be posted using an invokeHTTP (like oauth secrets), not a sensitive data field, and don't want to sit there in plaintext.


How do you store this tipe of credentials? I thought about AWS secrets manager, but don't know if I can access them from NiFi, I can have a file on S3 too, but again it's stored in plain text, not decoded on usage.


I think I need something like Parameter Context that let me get the unencrypted value when I need to use it outside sensitive fields.

Any idea? how do you manage this? unencrypt a file on the fly?

Thank you!