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NiFi and MiNiFi s2s Scalability


NiFi and MiNiFi s2s Scalability

New Contributor

I have a 4 node NiFi cluster and as I scale the number of MiNiFi agents attempting to connect via s2s I notice the cluster can't keep up with the number of HTTP requests.


  • 4 Node NiFi Cluster: 400 Jetty threads
  • Node specs 8 core / 12 GB mem
  • 2000 MiNiFi Agents: default RPG settings and about 200 Flowfiles per minute.
  • RAW s2s protocol
  • RPG configured with a list of all 4 nodes in the cluster


I've noticed that when the agents begin making the initial request for "/nifi-api/site-to-site" the cluster gets over loaded and stops responding. The nifi-app.log shows this message on every node:

o.a.n.c.c.h.r.ThreadPoolRequestReplicator Cannot replicate request GET /nifi-api/site-to-site because there are 100 outstanding HTTP Requests already. Request Counts Per URI = {/nifi-api/site-to-site=100}

Where there can be anywhere from 100 to 203 outstanding requests.


It seems strange to me that 4 of these servers can't handle 2000 requests to that endpoint at once. Are the agents making a request to the /nifi-api/site-to-site endpoint per each flowfile in the queue? Is there a way to cache the list of peers return on that initial api call for a longer period of time to reduce requests? Should I scale number of Jetty threads to handle more api requests?

Please let me know if I need to provide more details.