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NiFi evaluateJsonPath processor emits only one record per flow file


When NiFi flow files has batch of json records separated by newline the EvaluateJsonPath emits out only the first record in flow files dropping all other following records. Splitting the files into records is very inefficient. Is there any way to parse json records in batch?


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@Puneet Singh

Read Json records with new line delimiter using Record based processor is not possible until NiFi-1.7.0 version, This NIFI-4456 bug and has been fixed starting from NiFi-1.7 version.
Starting from NiFi-1.7+ we are able to read the newline delimiter json records using Record based processors.

If you want to read the new line delimiter json records then possible workaround is either using MergeContent (or) MergeRecord processors.


Refer to this question in SO for the same usecase, I have explained in detail how to configure MergeContent processors to read the newline delimiter json messages in NiFi.


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