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NiFi is automatically adding custom properties to ExecuteSQL, causing them to error

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Hi, I'm working on creating NiFi workflows and packaging them using templates. However when the templates are uploaded into the new workspace, 3 custom properties are added to all of our ExecuteSQL processors, causing them to error out. We have verified that these properties are not present when the template is created & downloaded, and only become present when the template is uploaded. It is also weird because this only happens on some machines..

Below is a list of the 3 custom properties that get added to the ExecuteSQL processors, along with screenshots of the errors.




What's causing this, and how do we fix it? Really at a loss here so any help is appreciated..


Master Guru


As newer version of Apache NiFi are released, many components (processors, controller services, reporting tasks) get bug fixes and enhancements/new features added to them.

What you are seeing here is that the version of Apache NiFi where this dataflow template was originally generated was an older version which did not have these three new properties. These properties are not custom properties but rather new standard properties. When you upload a template build on Apache NiFi 1.5 for example to Apache NiFi 1.7 all the components in that template will use get upgraded to the Apache NiFi 1.7 versions. At times this may render some processors invalid (when new required properties (in bold) are added and do not have default values) and at other times the default values assigned to new properties may cause issues (as you are experiencing here).

The three new properties associated to lines you shared above are:




You will need to set these properties to values needed for your SQL needs.

The documentation imbedded in each release of NiFi will be specific to that installed version. That documentation can be found by clicking on the global menu icon in the upper right corner of the NiFi UI and the clicking on "Help" in the presented menu.

Thank you,


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