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NiFi service is not visible under Ranger-0.7 UI Service Manager list

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I am using HDP-, Ambari- and HDP-3.0.2

I am managing both HDP and HDP on same Ambari.

I am tryin gto enable Ranger NiFI plugin.

I could see NiFi under plugin list in Ambari Ranger service but I am not seeing the NiFi service under Service manager list in Ranger UI

Due to this, when I restart NiFi after enabling Nifi plugin, it is throwing below error

Nifi Repository creation failed in Ranger admin

The Ranger version is 0.7 and NiFi version is 1.2

Please help


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The problem resolved.

NiFi service under Server manager list is visible after adding the below config under custom-ranger-admin-site.xml


After restarting the Ranger Nifi is created in Ranger UI and then after enabling the NiFi plugin, NiFi service definition created in Ranger as cluster_nifi.

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