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NiFi yellow question mark,why I got question mark beside NiFi name

New Contributor

I use HDP2.5 and Ambari add service for NiFi. However I got a yellow question mark beside NiFi name? Is anything wrong. what I can do. thank you very much


I use HDP2.5 and install NiFi by Ambri add service. However I got a yeallow question mark beside NiFi name. anything wrong? Do I need to restart service and how can I do it? thank you very much


Super Guru
@Jin Li

Can you hover over the question mark and see if a message pops up?

New Contributor

@mqureshi no message shown there

Super Guru

You shouldn't use NIFI with HDP 2.5, you should install it on a separate cluster with it's own ambari server. When you are done installing you may need to restart the ambari-server and the ambari-clients