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Nifi 1.0.0, why is there no GetIgniteCache but there is a PutIgniteCache

Looking for GetIgniteCache processor to 'match' the PutIgniteCache processor, or another way you would test the PutIgniteCache was successful?


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@J.Thomas King

I cannot speak for Product team on why GetInite was not released but I can guess that it could be due to issues and will be released in near future versions. Here is the Github code for getignite processor. May be you can test it by importing this as a custom processor.

@mqureshi is correct: the GetIgnite processor will be released in next version of Apache NiFi (1.1.0 will be probably out today) and in the next version of HDF (2.1 coming soon). The processors have been contributed in the Apache community in two steps and the release of NiFi 1.0.0 came in the middle.