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Nifi 1.5.0 Show List Queue Detail Very Slow


Nifi 1.5.0 Show List Queue Detail Very Slow

New Contributor

My Nifi Remote Server Start on RHEL 6.5 Server (40 Cores, 64GB RAM).

i local env is Mac OS and through Chrome (or FireFox) to access Nifi.

Everything is great except when i click connections list queue's "View Details" Buttion. (every click response is very slow)

i try to flow this page( to tune my nifi performance.

such as

1. move to prov_repo & cont_repo to other volumes.

2. increase nifi.provenance.repository.query.threads & nifi.provenance.repository.index.threads to 10 (default 2).

3. increase java Xms & Xmx to 8G.

4. add java.arg.7-9 configs to bootstarp.conf (i use java8).

after restart nifi, i try to test click list queue's "View Details" Buttion still very show.


please help me!


Re: Nifi 1.5.0 Show List Queue Detail Very Slow

@an xu

Use the developer tool/network tab to see what part of that request takes the longest amount of time to load.

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