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Nifi 112 content repository increasing in size

Hi All,

The nifi content repository has been filling our disk. Previously I would assume it would be java garbage collector not working. A simple stop and restart of the nifi application would bring down the size. But this has not been the case for last two days. Its been reaching 99%. Our other cluster runs on nifi1.7 that has no issues our main one is on version 112 which is causing the issue.

Below is the parameters used. Is there something that I can do to fix this. Please let me know.

nifi.content.claim.max.appendable.size=10 B nifi.content.claim.max.flow.files=1 nifi.content.repository.archive.max.retention.period=12 hours nifi.content.repository.archive.max.usage.percentage=50% nifi.content.repository.archive.enabled=true


Master Guru

@Jacob Paul


The following article may help you understand what is going in your NiFi:


It is important to understand that NiFi cannot be configured to automatically delete Content repo claims that have not been archived. Claims that still have an active FlowFile on the canvas somewhere referencing them will remain in the content repository.


Since the content repo can fill to 100%, it is strongly recommended that this specific repository is isolated from all other NiFi repositories.


Thank you,