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Nifi: Extract attributes from json

Nifi: Extract attributes from json

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I am getting a json in below format and now i want to extract the event attribute value which is an XML and use the invoke HTTP processor for processing how shall i extract the event attribute value, i can't use parsejson bcoz if the event attribute value is big i will get out of memory issues, pls help


"ENTRY_ID" : "15e2b4b4-d6b6-4b24-913e-1cd953d71d5e",
"EVENT_ID" : "20200206.171558.196663",
"EVENT" : "<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"UTF-8\" standalone=\"yes\"?><event><eventId>20200206.171558.196663</eventId><eventType>INCIDENT</eventType><eventDateTime>2020-02-06 17:15:58</eventDateTime><eventRegion>ALL</eventRegion><eventSource>XYZ</eventSource><eventVersion>1</eventVersion><payload><incident><module>ccc</module><program>ABC</program><request>-1</request><detail>ERROR: Error ocurred'.</detail><severity>CRITICAL</severity><queue>ABCTECH</queue><source>XYZ1234</source> </incident></payload></event>"