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Nifi FetchSFTP changes the order of files in queue

New Contributor

I am using ListSFTP and then FetchSFTP to pull data from SFTP server. The ListSFTP outputs the file in following order in the queue



However, FetchSFTP changes the order of flow files when it downloads the file.



Is there any way to ensure that the order of flow files in the queue doesn't get changed?


Super Guru

I think as soon as fetch completed then FetchSFTP processor outputs the flowfile, in your case file_B.xml fetch finished first that file_A.xml fetch.

You can use EnforceOrder processor after FetchSFTP processor to keep your source orders as is.

Refer to this link for more details regards to usage/configuring EnforceOrder processor.


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New Contributor

I have Concurrent Tasks=1 configured. My assumption is that FetchSFTP will attempt to download one file at a time based on the input queue order. Even in this case does FetchSFTP attempt to pull file in parallel?

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