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Nifi GeoEnrichIPRecord Only Returns an Empty Array on Match

New Contributor

I have a flow that I'm trying to geo-enrich using the GeoEnrichIPRecord component. It takes in an array of json, but whenever it matches on the specified IP field the output to the "found" relationship is always just an empty array ([ ]). Non-matching records output correctly to the "not found" output relationship (meaning it just passes along the original json and writes it as an array.

So for an input flowfile that is an array of json something like this:


    {"client": {"ip": "xx.xx.xx.xx"}},
    {"client": {"ip": "xx.xx.xx.xx"}}


 and a setup for the GeoEnrichIPRecord like this:
Screen Shot 2020-05-05 at 5.48.42 PM.png













Whenever the IP is a match in the MaxMind database the output is alway just [ ].


What am I missing here? Does it require a schema, none of the other JsonRecordSetWriters seem to.