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Nifi + Hbase to Handle Inserts /Updates/ Deletes



We are trying to handle Inserts/Updates/Deletes in Nifi . Currently attached the flow which is taking longer time to process the records and inserts into Hbase . I need to use Compositeprimarykey(ServerSerialno,ServerName) .Based on the CompositeKey will do the Inserts/Updates/Deletes.Need to boost the performance by altering the flow/configs.Kindly assist me to use the right flow to achieve this.

Attached the flow .



Attaching the right flow:hbase-iud.xml


@Shu Could you please check on this

Super Guru
@Raj ji

Consider using PutHBaseRecord processor instead of PutHBaseJson and use UpdateRecord processor to add the CompositePrimaryKey to the json doc.

Then use the CompositePrimaryKey field as row identifier for the PutHBaseRecord processor and adjust the BatchSize property value to get max number of put's into HBase.

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