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Nifi Hide Ldap Details.


Hi Team,

I have configured Nifi with LDAP and working fine without any issues

but every user i am seeing they can able to see the DN details in the right top corner of canvas.

Is there any options available to hide that info.

cn=Anishkumar Valsalam,ou=Users,ou=Accounts,ou=ITSC,dc=zone1,dc=testdev,dc=net


Hi @Anishkumar Valsalam,

In the configuration file, you have:

<property name="Identity Strategy">USE_DN</property>

you can use USE_USERNAME instead. This way you can add users in NiFi only using username.

You can find an article here:

Hope this helps.


This is not working. I have added the property and restarted nifi but still i am able to see the dn details for all new user/ existing users.

When you add a new user, don't use the DN, just use the username. This should work.


@Pierre Villard I have tried but i am getting error like "org.apache.nifi.authorization.AccessDeniedException: Unknown user with identity


@Pierre Villard Can you help on this.

Could you share your configuration (anonymized if necessary) and a screenshot of your users configured in NiFi? as well as the stacktrace you have with your AccessDeniedException? and if possible the tree representation of your LDAP with the users you want to add?