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Nifi ListSTP SubFolder Filter not working

Nifi ListSTP SubFolder Filter not working

New Contributor

Hi , I was trying to list down the files using the ListSFTP in Nifi , my current (main) directory has almost 10K+ folders , searching and listing down the files is taking almost 1.5 hours(using recursion) which is not a correct solution for me, so i decided to do it based on SubFolder filter. (categorize the folders and open multiple list programs)

I have tried using "Path Filter Regex" to filter subfolders,for some reason it is not listing down any files.

Can someone please help me.

Nifi Version : Apache NiFi - Version

my folder structure

Parent Folder:


Sub Folders (10K+)

sample folder name : ( Yes, folder name has comma, _ ,= )


Each folder has around 10 to 15 files... with format "A*.bin.gz"