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Nifi PutHiveStreaming writing data to HDFS but not able to see data in Hive table.

New Contributor

1. I'm using HDF Nifi 1.5 and Hdp Hive 3.1.

2. Create a partioned and bucketing table in Hive:

CREATE TABLE default.client_tbl ( client_key int, clt_name varchar(45), clt_description varchar(200), version int ) partitioned by (clt_status varchar(8)) CLUSTERED BY(client_key) INTO 3 BUCKETS STORED AS ORC TBLPROPERTIES('transactional'='true');

3. Used ExecuteSQL --> PutHiveStreaming

Nifi log shows the data written to HDFS path but I'm not able to view data in Hive table.

Please find the attached for nifi-app.log.