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Nifi PutKudu - Case sensitivity on column names



I'm using QueryDatabaseTable on an Oracle database to feed into PutKudu (Nifi 1.5)

I was getting an error that the primary key did not exist; after some experimenting it's apparent that this is due to a difference in case. Both the Oracle table and the Kudu table were created with uppercase column names, but I understand Impala converts everything to lower case internally. I tried to put the column names in lower case in QueryDatabaseTable, but the results always come back in upper case as the underlying columns in Oracle are all uppercase.

Given that Impala/Kudu fields will always be mapped to lowercase would it be reasonable for PutKudu to then map any input fields to lowercase similarly?

Other than using ConvertAvroSchema to map every single field from upper to lower (I've got about 80 fields so this doesn't appeal!), is there any other solution to this without the above change?

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I have the same problem.

Would it be possible for PutKudu to map any input fields to lowercase similarly in the future version?