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Nifi Remote Process Group Unsecure with https for ncm secured access


Nifi Remote Process Group Unsecure with https for ncm secured access

New Contributor

Is there a way to configure nifi 0.7.x to run the NCM in secure (https) access, while still setting for cluster node communication?

I randomly got a few files to send last week but then had my nodes restart and since then have not been able to get it working. The remote process group seems to be able to connect to the NCM address without issue, but when "enabling" the transmission of flowfiles it errors with ConnectionRefused. However, I was also getting that same error when files were transmitting last week, so I'm not sure what occurred that allowed then to transfer.
I would like to connect the cluster nodes insecure inside of a k8s cluster, and allow user access to a required https endpoint per company policy. But the only certificate's I have access to is the primary k8s api login node, which allows the https connectivity with the NCM. The "data" nodes I've attempted to configure with https fail to lauch due to hostname mismatches in the certificate, and even if they did accessing the endpoint inside of nifi fails because the alternate names of the certificate are not changeable to the node(e.g. data container) "hostnames".

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