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Nifi XPATH for attributes with Namespaces


Nifi XPATH for attributes with Namespaces


Hello, I'm trying to pull the attribute out of an xml node, but it has a namespace. I've had success getting a node using the [local-name="myField"] syntax, but no such luck with an attribute. My xml looks like this....


<Books xlmns:tech="urn:mstp:tech:gov">
    <unit:Unit xmlns:ns1="urn:us:edu:ic:ian" ns1:myAtt="BINGO">


 I'm trying to get the value of myAtt=BINGO.


I've been able to get the value Rickie from the name field using //*[local-name()='Name']. I've tried things like //@*[local-name()='myAtt'] and a million other things I've tried online and nothing seems to work.  Any other ideas?




Re: Nifi XPATH for attributes with Namespaces


In the meantime, I was able to accomplish this using ExtractText along with some Substring statements in UpdateAttribute. It's a bit messy, but it gets me by.

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