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Nifi authentication issue

New Contributor

I am having issue with Nifi authentication, I am able to login through Nifi but when I am trying to access the nifi cluster. I am facing error saying insufficient permissions.No applicable policies could be found. Contact the system administrator.


Master Guru
@Krishna Venkata


Authentication and authorization are two independent processes in NiFi.


Once a user is successfully authenticated, the user identity string is passed to the configured authorizer (authorizers.xml) to check what policies have been granted for this user.

A good first place to look is the nifi-user.log. You should see log lines in their that show the successful authentication and the exact identity string being passed to the authorizer.

You should then see a log lone for the resource/policy that user identity string was bing checked against.

You will then need to make sure that user has been granted the required policy within the authorizer for access to that resource.


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