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Nifi container failing to publish message to RabbitMQ container


Nifi container failing to publish message to RabbitMQ container

New Contributor

I am very new to both Nifi, RabbitMQ and container world, please bear with me if I ask some very simple questions.

I have two docker containers Nifi and RabbitMQ management images.

docker run -it --rm -p 8180-8181:8080-8081 apache/nifi:1.4.0

docker run -d --rm --hostname myrabbit --name rabbit -p 8280:15672 rabbitmq:3-management

In RabbitMQ management console, I have an exchange named "exchangetest" binding to queue "queuetest" via routing key "keytest". In Nifi, I have a GenerateFlowFile to generate 1Kb flowfile passing to PublishAMQP processor, but failed all the times with the messages:

20:11:06 UTC ERROR de031a77-0161-1000-733f-f2831eb4ad7e
PublishAMQP[id=de031a77-0161-1000-733f-f2831eb4ad7e] PublishAMQP[id=de031a77-0161-1000-733f-f2831eb4ad7e] failed to process session due to java.lang.IllegalStateException: Failed to establish connection with AMQP Broker: com.rabbitmq.client.ConnectionFactory@4b7bab29: Failed to establish connection with AMQP Broker: com.rabbitmq.client.ConnectionFactory@4b7bab29

20:11:06 UTC WARNING de031a77-0161-1000-733f-f2831eb4ad7e
PublishAMQP[id=de031a77-0161-1000-733f-f2831eb4ad7e] Processor Administratively Yielded for 1 sec due to processing failure

The configurations for PublishAMQP processor is:

Exchange Name: exchangetest

Routing Key: keytest

Host Name: myrabbit ( I also tried localhost, but still failed)

Port: 8280

Virtual Host: No value set

User Name: guest

Password: guest

AMQP Version: 0.9.1

SSL Context Service: No value set

Use Certificate Authentication: false

Client Auth: REQUIRED

Can someone please help me on why the PublishAMQP processor failure? Are the configurations correct?

Appreciate any inputs.

Thank you in advance,


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