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Nifi converts UUI (nvarchar) to a number

New Contributor

Hi everyone!


Nifi is doing something strange with my data.

I'm moving the data from SQL Server to a SQL Server using Nifi.


the flow is simple 

1. QueryDatabaseRecord 

1.1 Record Writer: JsonRecordsSetWriter


3.convert json to sql 

4. put sql

I have a column with this value: 024b2390-fecb-4b23-b057-e4e9cd8e32d3 as nvarchar in sql server

and nifi read that value and convert it to: 20210224150351135


strange enough I also have another record having this value: d2278af1-f2ed-4959-849b-bcb1ef7f496a and Nifi were able to read it as is without any issue.


I want to move the data without any change.


Thank you all in advcance.



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