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Nifi: create a dynamic filter using date from a csv file

New Contributor

Hello everybody,

a bit of context:


I'm currently parsing a json in Nifi using a RouteOnAttribute component like this  :


${stationName:equals("value 1") :or(${stationName:equals("value 2")}) :or(${stationName:equals("value 3")}) :or(${stationName:equals("value 4")}) :or...


I have more than 20 values to test, it works well but I would like to make something dynamic, something more readable... And by the way if the list of values changes I dont wanna re write everything again.


What i'm doing :


All theses values are stored in a csv file in S3, I made a job that download this file, filter the right values to keep...  Here is my job:




At the end, in the LogAttribute processor I can see my values:



From this point, how can I convert this list of values in a variable that will looks like:

${stationName:equals("Rockware Avenue / Greenford Station") :or(${stationName:equals("Oldfield Lane South")}) :or(${stationName:equals("Ash Grove")}) :or(${stationName:equals("Telford Road")}) :or...


The idea is to call this variable in the RouteOnAttribute processor later.


I tried to use a ExecuteScript processor but my code is not working, maybe there is something easier to do ?


Thanks for your help,




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