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Nifi : generate csv file with header


Nifi : generate csv file with header


Hello All,

I am new to NiFi and can use some help in designing a flow. I need to run a SQL query against a database table, dump output of SQL query into a csv file with fixed header,SFTP the file and then run an update SQL against source table to indicate that records have been processed. ExecuteSQL will run every couple of hours.

I am think that flow would look something like:

ExecuteSQL -> ConvertRecord ( Avro to Free form text) -> Some logic to generate Header -> MergeContent -> PutFile ( to generate CSV file) -> PutSFTP --> PutSQL

Q1. How can I generate csv file with Header ?

Q2. Any chances of above flow picking records in loop. For instance, ExecuteSQL picks up same set of records multiple times before PutSQL marks records as "already processed"

Thanks in advance !!

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