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Nifi: how to reset query database processor

New Contributor

Hi ,

I am using query database processor to gather data from sql server to hive. I tried deleting repository directories but not able to reset the data load so that it can start from scratch again. I am using max column on pk for incremental load.



Querydatabasetable processor is statefull processor. You can reset the processor by selecting state of it and reseting it or deleting state.

Right click processor which is querydatabaseprocessor and select state. this will show you maximum value saved for the column which can be edited or deleted. once deleted. start the processor again and your data load will start from scratch again.


in which version of NiFi there is option for editing state attributes for query database table processor. I guess there is only option to clear existing state. @Harpreet Singh

From Thirupathi Nerella

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