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Nifi integration with Atlas in kerberos environment


Nifi integration with Atlas in kerberos environment

New Contributor

I am using HDP 3.0.1 and HDF 3.3.0 in kerberos enabled environment. I want to achieve Nifi-Atlas Integration in a kerberos environment. I followed steps specified at .
Now, when i enable ReportLineageToAtlas reporting task and run a simple flow involving generateFlowFile and putHDFS processors, i am facing "org.apache.kafka.common.KafkaException: Failed to construct kafka producer" caused by "Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: No enum constant org.apache.kafka.common.protocol.SecurityProtocol.PLAINTEXTSASL" . The error is shared in screenshot as well.


On exploring the code, i found out that Nifi 1.8 code uses atlas-client 0.8.1 which in turn uses kafka client. But the HDP 3.0.1 environment comes with Kafka 2.0. According to me, the error is because of this version mis-match.

Kindly help me out in resolving the issue.

I see 2 ways :

1. Either building nifi 1.8 with atlas client 1.0.0 but that involves lots of changes on nifi 1.8 code.

2. Either building atlas-client 0.8.1 with kafka-client 1.0.0

But before starting on same i would like to know the community view whether i am guessing the reason correctly. Or this is something Hortonworks has already handled(since i am looking at nifi 1.8 and atlas 0.8.1 code from git not hortonworks repository and hence dont know whether they have made those changes or not).

Kindly help.

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