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Nifi : lookup and partial record handling

New Contributor

Hi, I have recently started working with nifi and I am trying to implement below flow but facing difficulties :

I have a csv file with one of the columns having json data. This json data is nothing but the updated values from a database table. It contains only the primary keys and the changed columns data, something like below :

{ "data" : [{ "ID" : "1"} ,{ "NAME" : "Komal"} ] }

I already have the actual data (prior to the current update) stored in a hbase table. Now i want to perform a lookup with the data coming in from json to hbase table, complete the partial record and send it further to some processor. I am using ConvertRecord , replace text to fetch the required json from csv and i am storing the schema using infere avro schema processor.

Can someone help me on how the further flow can be implemented?

Also, Is it possible to implement a generic flow for different tables with different schemas?