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Nifi not picking all the processors while creating a template

Nifi not picking all the processors while creating a template

Hi All,

@Matt clarke,@Matt Burgess,@Mark Payne

I am using Nifi -1.1.1, and have process-group which contains 385 processors in disabled state. when i am trying to create a template for that process group, a large number of processors are getting truncated or left and just a few like 14 are picked in the new template created, also the disabled processors have now become in stopped ones and a few became un-configured.

Also when i import the newly created template the flow gets distorted and processors overlap on each other.

Is this a bug or Nifi's behavior for disabled processor?

Please find screenshots attached. (Screenshot1 shows how 345 processors reduced to 14 & 3 while creating the template of existing flow; Screenshot_original_flow shows how flow looked before; Screenshot_distorted shows: how flows got overlapped after importing the template)

Please help!!!


Re: Nifi not picking all the processors while creating a template

Also while creating a template from an existing flow which contains controller services assigned to processors, why are controller services replicated in the new template created and why new disabled services are assigned to the processors.This is very troublesome as again we need to go to each processor and delete the extra/disabled ones and reassign the previously assigned enabled one.

Any Suggestion how to get rid of extra controller services being created this way?

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