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Nifi on Altus Cluster

New Contributor



Is is possible to the Nifi on an cluster provisioned by Altus? If so, is there any reference on how to do so?


Expert Contributor

Hi AdilsonAt,

It should be possible to install Nifi on a CDH cluster using Altus Director. (I've never tried it.) This article describes how to include Nifi in a CDH cluster using a parcel.

Altus Director lets you specify additional parcels for a new cluster, so you could take the information from the article and include it in an Altus Director configuration file so that Nifi is downloaded and installed. Here's the general Altus Director documentation for that:

Our reference configuration files for Altus Director document exactly how to add the necessary information, so you can use those as a basis for trying it out. Here's the AWS reference file:

If you try it, do let us know if it works out!



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