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Nifi pull CSV from Splunk then convert to an API?

Nifi pull CSV from Splunk then convert to an API?

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I have a Splunk instance that I am feeding CSV's into (outside of Nifi). I would like Nifi to see when stuff is added into Splunk then initiate a pull of the new data then turn around and for an API command with the info from the CSV in it. I am working with the GetSplunk processor and I can confirm it is retrieving the data I need and I think I figured out how to have it drop duplicate data as when I view data providence I do see a receive followed by a drop. However this wont scale as it pulls the same info over and over and once there is a ton of info the pull will be huge. Any help would be great as this is my first experience with Nifi and while I did find some youtube videos I am still struggling.


How do I get new CSV data from splunk into Nifi

IE "RuleDeployer,permanent,,true,drop"

Then put the values from that out of Nifi as a API command

IE curl -E /etc/secret/certs/pem/sensor.dec.pem --cacert /etc/secret/certs/pem/cacert.pem -v -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST -d " \"ruleSet\":\"FromCSV(RuleDeployer)\",\"ruleKind\":\"FromCSV(permanent)\",\"originId\":1,\"mitigationAction\":\"FromCSV(drop)\",\"capture\":\"FromCSV(True)\",\"parameters\":{\ "url\":\"FromCSV(\"}}" https://localhost:8443/api/httpmiti/create