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Nifi registry doesn't deploy in correct order

Nifi registry doesn't deploy in correct order

New Contributor


I'm fairly new to Ni-Fi, although I have gained lots of experience over the past few weeks.

I currently have an issue regarding loading from the registry. Hence the UI translates our flow from XML, I imagined to use nifi-toolbox to load my registries into different environments.

While this is a nice feature, I've stumbled across a 'bug'. For some reason when I'm creating a new environment sometimes the XML has decided to create a Restlookupservice before it creates the JsonTreeReader needed for this restlookupservice. This means I will get an incompatible error on the service because it cannot build the flow if the JsonTreeReader doesn't exist. I have to go and manually fix this in my flow in order to fix this issue.

This only happens and is only dependent on services being depending on each other.

Sometimes it does work. And there seem to be no issues. However it does happen from time to time that my flow isn't saved in the proper sequence in XML, so this issue occurs.

My Ni-Fi version is 1.7.1. Is this fixed in newer versions or is this a bug that is consistent over all versions of Ni-Fi, and if so what can I do in order to make sure this doesn't happen?

Thanks a lot.

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