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Nifi stremaing records update for simultaneous records

Nifi stremaing records update for simultaneous records

New Contributor

Hi Team,

I have a streaming data input where I get defect count for each part and update the same in phoenix table using Nifi. I have a problem when I am getting records for same part one after the other. Suppose, I have a a part 'xyz' with Defect count as 2 in table, 1 in the incoming record, the record in table should be updated to 3. This logic is working well. But when there is a next record for same part 'xyz' with Defect count as 4, then the total should be 3+4 i.e. 7. But this is not working well as the previous record is still in queue or successor flow and the flow did not complete. So, is there some logic in Nifi where a processor takes exactly one flow file, complete the total successor flow and only once inserted in table, then take the next flow-file for processing?

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