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No host "summary" content in Ambari web ui


As of sometime between Friday and yesterday afternoon, I lost the ability to see host summary data in the ambari web ui. I can click on a host and all the tabs show data except the summary tab. No error dialogs, no errors in Javascript console, nothing. It happens in all the web browsers I and my team use. Ambari version is



@Geoff, Restart the ambari-server and agents on all machines. You will be able to see it.


I tried that. Still can't see the host summary info.

Cloudera Employee

Check if you can tune ambari servers based on this document, i assume its a large cluster.

Also change memory configuration of ambari-server on /var/lib/ambari-server/ and restart ambari-server.

If above does not solve the issue, please check if database or ambari-server mount is not 100% disk space utilized.

Some error logs will also help!